UptimeBot is a bot that keeps an eye on your servers/websites and lets you know when any of them are down.
UptimeBot pings the port of the specified ip/domain every 5 minutes and checks if the port is accessible. Port should be accessible if an application or web server is listening the port so if the said aplication or web server goes down, UptimeBot will detect that and let you know.
  • 1. Use '.setchannel' command to set notification channel.
  • 2. Add servers/websites with '.addserver' command or using dashboard.
  • 3. That's literally it! UptimeBot will send message to the notification channel when any of your servers/websites goes down!
Not right now but in the future you'll be able to add more servers/websites and decrease the interval.
Cloudflare listens ports 80 and 443 to serve your website from their cache even if your web server is down so if you're using CloudFlare but you still want to get notified when your web server goes down, you need to add your web server's ip and port.
Yes! It does work with Glitch.com projects. Just make sure to add your project url like "projectname.glitch.me" and port "443". Don't forget, it does not work with custom domains, you need to add your project url like i mentioned.
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